1. Go to http://pubgmobile.in/2018/
  2. Click on Login/Register button on the main-menu.
  3. Fill out the Registration form Carefully and click on sign-up button.
  4. You will receive an activation mail to the email id you have mentioned while filling the registration form.  Activate your account and come back to the pubgmobile website.
  5. Create your team.
  6. Invite your team members by sending invite team link to them.
  7. Once a team member clicks on the invite team link, they will be redirected to sign-in or sign-up page, they can sign-in to their existing Playtonia account or they can create one with appropriate information and send a join team request to the team.
  8. You can see all the join team requests in notification tab, Once you accept all the team members in team and you have minimum 4 members in team. You will see a check-in button, click on it.
  9. Once Registration is complete,You will receive a new pop up with a discord link, Join the discord channel for more updates and announcements regarding Campus Championship.
  1. Must be an Indian.
  2. Must be older than 15 years.
  3. Must be part of any of the college for a current calendar year.
  4. Must have a college id with Registration Number.

PUBG user id a 10-digit unique number assigned to each PUBG mobile users. To find your character id

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on your profile image on right side top.
  3. You can find 10-digit character id near your character name in the center of the screen.

College Registration Number or Roll Number assigned by colleges to their students, you can find your Registration Number on your college ids.

Email id : support@pubgmobile.in

Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/GSk6wz4

Or contact us via Website Live Support by clicking on the   button which you can find on the bottom right end of the website.

Prize money will be awarded to winners as per the following rules:

Winner Teams captain must email the tournament organizer at support@pubgmobile.in the following details and mark all of your team member in CC and send it within one week of the tournament conclusion date

Full name :
Contact number :
Physical address :
Email ID :
Pan Card Number :
Scanned copy of Pan Card.
Bank Account Details. (A/C Holders Name, A/C No. , IFSC Code, Bank Name )

Once received, the payments will be sent for processing. Transaction will be done on the name of each player of the winning team within 45-60 working days of successful submission of team details. If any team fails to submit complete details, their prize will be forfeited.


  1. PAN CARD is compulsory.
  2. Make sure add all your team members email ids in CC while replying.
  3. 30% TDS will be applied.

1) Login in to www.pubgmobile.in
2) Click on the lobby button on the side bar which you can see on the right side of the website.
3) You will be redirected to your lobby page.
4) Click on Join Lobby button.
5) Every member in of your team must join the lobby to play the match.
6) Wait for lobby credentials button to get activated.
7) Once it gets activated click on it, you will get in-game room credentials.
8) Join in-game room using credentials recieved in website lobby.
9) Wait for admin to start the match.
10) if the match is BEST OF 3 come back to lobby page once a game gets over to get your next match credentials.
11) Once a match is over you are free to close the lobby page.
12) Admins will update the scores and check the schedule to know about your next match.